Terms and Conditions City Slide



City Slide Event GmbH

Boxhagenerstraße 71A

10245 Berlin

Managers: Bruno Riedel, Markus Kaschke

Local Court Berlin

E-mail: info@city-slide.com

URL: www.city-slide.com

With the purchase of a ticket the buyer and the City Slide Event GmbH become contractual partners. The following terms and conditions apply to the festival guests (hereinafter called “visitor”) and the City Slide Event GmbH (hereinafter called “organiser”). They are part of a visitor contract that comes into effect through purchasing a ticket or – if entrance is granted without a ticket – by entering the event location.


Start of the event: 12 noon 

End of the event: 8pm

Slide shedule: from 12 noon onwards visitors can slide for 2 hours with the corresponding ticket. Tickets and the corresponding slide slots can be purchased as follows:

  1. 12:00 – 2:00 pm
  2. 2:00 – 4:00 pm
  3. 4:00 – 6:00 pm
  4. 6:00 – 8:00 pm


2.1. With the purchase of a ticket the buyer and the City Slide Event GmbH become contractual partners. The use of the City Slide is limited and only possible through our online sales via our ticket provider (Paylogic) on our website. Unsold tickets are available at the box office on the day of the event if applicable. The organisers advises to buy ticket online during the sale due to the high demand. It is expected that the following payment options will be available: direct debit, credit card and paypal. Credit card payments are executed by Masterpayment.

2.2. It is fundamentally forbidden to resell purchased tickets commercially. Tickets may also not be privately resold at a higher price than that printed on the Tickets (including fees). The use of tickets as part of a competition is forbidden without prior written consent of the the organiser. A violation will result in the loss of the right to enter the event.

2.3. If tickets are lost then there is no refund.


3.1. The admission to the City Slide is granted only to visitors who are at least 1,20 metes tall. People under the age of 18 must bring a written consent from a parent or legal guardian along with their ticket.

3.2. Admission is only granted with a valid ticket. The ticket has to be presented at the entrance.

3.3. For safety reasons and to avoid waste security checks will be done at the entrance to City Slide by the security service. The security company is advised to do a body and bag check on all visitors. The visitors agree to these checks. If the visitor does not agree, entrance may be denied. In this case there is no entitlement to a refund of the ticket costs.

3.4. The organiser reserves the right to deny the admission to the City Slide in the case of important matters. An important matter is an obviously drunk condition of a visitor, obviously inhuman, racist, homophobe outfits, as well as the wrong clothing (not deposited voluntarily) and the entrainment of dangerous objects (weapons, pyrotechnic, intoxicants and others). The entrainment of recorders for sound and picture (for details see para. 9) also constitutes an important matter. In case of a violation of the age limit for admission or the absence of written consent (in the case of doubt an age check can take place) the admission may be denied.

3.4. In case of a denied admission despite a valid ticket, the visitor has the right for a ticket refund, except the existence of a previously defined important matter for denied admission. In this case the return/refund of the ticket is not possible. A damage claim beyond this is excluded, except in case of intent or gross negligence on the part of the organiser.

3.5. The organiser assumes no contractual obligation to ensure supervision of visitors who require such a supervision due to their mental or physical condition. This applies towards the visitors needing supervision and the persons responsible for the supervision as well as all other guests.

3.6. The tickets looses its validity after the time slot has expired.


4.1. The event will take place under any weather conditions, as long as the organiser takes responsibility for the circumstances of the weather. Should the weather conditions constitute a risk for body and health, the event can be cancelled or aborted after the start.

4.2. In case of the cancellation of City Slide before it begins the visitors have the right of a refund of the ticket price. In this case, the unused tickets should be sent via mail with legible writing to “City Slide Event GmbH” within 10 days of the event and account details for the refund should be included. There is no entitlement to a refund of the ticketing fees or any other compensation, unless the organiser is responsible for the cancellation.

4.3. If City Slide is aborted due to an act of nature beyond control (especially weather conditions), official order or court order, the festival visitor has no right of a ticket refund or indemnity claim, except if wilful intent or culpable negligence on the part of the organiser can be proven.

4.4. The organiser reserves the right of changing the site and/or time of the City Slide event, in case the execution is no possible or unreasonable and the postponement on the other hand is reasonable.

a) Move to a different site: in the same or at least a neighbouring city

b) Move to a different date: to the next day or, if the impeding conditions (especially weather conditions) persist, the next Saturday or Sunday, if the event site is still available.

The postponement has to be communicated by the organiser immediately on his website and if possible also via daily newspapers, radio and Facebook pages. Before committing to large expenditures for the visit, it is strongly recommended to check the website of the organiser.

4.5. Program delays are to be tolerated by the visitor, as long as these do not exceed one hour.

4.6. Changes will be communicated by the organiser as soon as possible.


5.1. On the entire festival site the householders rights are in force and enforced by the organizer or by those Commissioned by the organiser respectively. The instructions of the security personnel are to be followed.

5.2. Any commercial action (especially sales or advertisement) is forbidden to festival visitors, except in the case of a written agreement with the organiser, which has been set up in advance.

5.3. Should a visitor violate any of the afore mentioned rules and regulations they may be expelled from the City Slide and the event area. A refund of the ticket price, as well as a claim for damage compensation are not granted, unless the organiser or his agents acted with wilful intent or culpable negligence.


6.1. Drink are sold at the City Slide event. Food is served in reusable plastic or cardboard containers. Please respect the environment and dispose packaging, as well as any other garbage in the designated containers.

6.2. Regarding the sale of food and drinks contractual relationships only exist with the specific caterer.


7.1 Taking pictures on site is only allowed using mobile phones and only for private use. In case other photo and video equipment be used for the exclusively private use, this has to be registered beforehand. In this case please send a mail to info@city-slide.com with the a description of the equipment and the intended use. The equipment may only be used on site following a written clearance by the City Slide Event GmbH. It is pointed out that live recordings are not to be uploaded online.

7.2. Cameras with zoom lenses, interchangeable lenses and/or video function, as well as recording devices (MP3/MP4-recorders, dictation machines and so on) of any kind are forbidden. The organiser reserves the right to deny admission and use of the City Slide to visitors, who are not willing to leave unapproved devices behind. Live recordings, which are done without the explicit permission of the organizer or artists, are also forbidden. The organiser is permitted to delete illegally made recordings or have them be deleted. Publishing of such recordings will be prosecuted.

7.3. Any use of visual and sound recordings for commercial purposes without prior written consent is prohibited. In the event of an infringement a contractual penalty of 2.500 € is due – This shall not impact the assertion of any additional damages.


8.1. The organiser does not have cloackroom or other storage facilities and is therefore not liable for any lost or stolen items.

8.2. The organiser or his agents are liable for any injury or damage to life, body or health if it was their fault. The same applies to any other damages which are caused by the organiser through the wilful or careless violation of duty. For typical contractual damages that the visitor incurs as a result of a significant infringement of contractual duties (called “cardinal duties”), the organiser is liable even if only minor negligence can be proven. Moreover, the liability for minor negligence is excluded. A fundamental breach of contract as in the afore mentioned sense, is one whose fulfilment is essential for the proper execution of the contract and on whose adherence the visitor can rely. The organiser is equally liable for violation of duties by his legal agents.


By entering the event site, the event visitor irrevocably agrees that pictures and image and sound recordings are made during the event, which can be used free of charge for reports, as well as prospective advertising of City Slide in the all types of media. He also agrees that this material is used for sponsor acquisitions. This approval only extends to:

a) incidental recordings of the visitor as part of the event recording / event photos.


The organiser saves and processes the data provided by the ticket buyer solely for the mutual contractual compliance. The organiser may only use the data of the visitor for informative purposes (such as event information, newsletter, etc.)


Subsidiary agreements, changes and supplements require written form. This also applies for the written form requirement itself. The law of the Federal republic of Germany is applicable. If the jurisdiction clause is valid, the place of jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany. If individual regulations of these general terms of conditions become void, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the regulations. The same shall apply to any gaps in the contract. In these cases, the invalid provision or gap in the contract is replaced by a valid provision that comes closest to the economically intended purpose.