In 2016 we stay true to our motto: SUMMERTIME gives you CITY SLIDE !!!

In 2015 we set up a huge water-slide of 2 x 500 meter in 5 German cities. A few of them being Munich, Hamburg, and Stuttgart. The event drew more than 100.000 curious people into the inner cities, as they wanted to enjoy the summer-event of the year. Being an actual slder or just watching the excitement – at CITY SLIDE we provide you with the max amount of pure fun! We got even more planned for 2016 – Next to the huge water-slide, we want to achieve getting the biggest water-balloon-fight of the city, but we need your help to get there! So grab your friends, families and neighbours to the CITY SLIDE in your city.

We are going to keep updating our website with the new cities we can convince to adapt our concept. As soon as we are good and ready we will start the presale. In order to reduce the length of queues and increase the the time-on-slide-ratio, we need to limit the the number of buyable tickets for each “wave“.

This means, be an early-bird and grab your chance ;-)

Keep updated by following our Facebook-pages and get the most recent news on the status of your city.

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